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Aikido Seminar

What is the WRAS?

The Western Region Aikido Seminar is all about providing excellent training opportunity in an incredible location.  COVID restrictions are over, and WA is open for training. We would love to see you in WA.


As participants utilise your visit to West Australia to participate in training presented by the highest ranked Kokikai Instructors whilst enjoying the opportunity to enjoy the idyllic setting of the Peel Region. 


Aikido Kokikai of Western Australia is proud to host a weekend of Aikido. Throughout the weekend you will have the opportunity to train all day, and/or relax, socialize, and enjoy some of Mandurah's best attractions. Family and kids are welcomed in the dojo during the seminar...seating will be available.

Why Western Australia

Mandurah is less than 2 hours from Perth International Airport and is central to Margaret River and Swan Valley wine regions.  With beautiful beaches and Rottnest Island on the door step and more sunny days per year than any other Australian capital there is plenty to do right near the Dojo or further afield like the Pinnacles. Locally Mandurah is hosting the Giants Art installation.


Friday March 3rd:  

"Technique in Action"

Keiko - 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Saturday March 4th:

"4th kyu to Black Belt" - 9:00am - 4:30pm

Presentation and Drinks 6:00pm

Dinner party 7:30 till late

Sunday March 5th:

"Misogi, Weapons" - 8:00am - 9:00am 

Breakfast 9:00am

Click here for Schedule 

Price, Schedule and Registration Information

Full weekend for $70 !

Saturday dinner, and Sunday breakfast separate

click the link below to pay and register

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Instructor Profiles

Mike Sinagra, 6th Dan

Falcon Kokikai: Mandurah, WA

Mike Sinagra is founder and chief instructor of Falcon Kokikai and Co-founder of Aikido Kokikai Australia. He began his study of aikido in 1990 at the Kokikai Hombu in Nagoya. He trained regularly at Hombu Dojo with Maruyama Sensei. In 1994 he moved to Australia, and in 1994 established Falcon Kokikai. In 1998 he cofounded Aikido Kokikai Australia with Tony Davies, Glen Davidson and Allen Iu.  He has regularly demonstrated at the Kokikai Interntational Embukai held in Nagoya, Japan.

Allen Iu, 6th Dan

UNSW Kokikai: Sydney, NSW

Allen Iu is chief instructor of UNSW Kokikai. He began his study of aikido in 1990 at UNSW with Shuji Ozeki. He  regularly trains with Maruyama each year in Sydney. He has spent extended periods of time training in both Hong Kong and London. With Tony Davies, Glen Davidson and Mike Sinagra he has provided leadership in establishing Aikido Kokikai Australia.  He has regularly demonstrated at the Kokikai International Embukai held in Nagoya, Japan.

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