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Michael Sinagra, 6th Dan Falcon Kokikai: Mandurah, WA. Mike Sinagra is founder and chief instructor of Falcon Kokikai and Co-founder of Aikido Kokikai Australia. He began his study of aikido in 1990 at the Kokikai Hombu in Nagoya. He trained regularly at Hombu Dojo with Maruyama until 1994 when he moved to Australia, and established Falcon Kokikai. In 1998 he co-founded Aikido Kokikai Australia with Tony Davies and Glen Davidson.  He has regularly demonstrated at the Kokikai Interntational Embukai held in Nagoya, Japan and has run seminars in Australia, the USA and Germany.

Michael has recently moved to Bunbury where he now has opened WA's second Kokikai branch.

Michael is the only second generation Aikido instructor in Kokikai in Australia, having received all his instruction directly from Maruyama Sensei an Uchi Deshi of Ueshiba.

Other Instructors

Jev Emery (Ni Dan) - began training in Kokikai Aikido in 2008 and become  Nidan in October 2016.  Currently he is the assistant chief instructor of the Falcon Dojo



Kokikai Aikido is suitable for all ages. We have children’s classes and adult classes. The children’s classes focus on movement, timing, coordination and self defence techniques. More importantly we focus on being centred, calm in a crisis and working with each other. We consider we are building a better community.

Adult classes welcome beginners and advanced. Kokikai Aikido relies on a strong mind and correct technique not physical strength alone. As a result classes include both men and women practicing on equal footing. Designed to defend against multiple attackers, it offers many solutions to aggressive behaviour by others. Kokikai Aikido practice is characterized by realistic, focused attacks, and the fluid responses that employ timing and rhythm to take the opponents balance completely before the application of a throwing technique

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