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National Conferences with Maruyama Sensei.

Sydney 2019

Sydney 2018

Sydney 2017
Sydney 2016

Sydney 2015

Sydney 2014

Sydney 2013
Sydney Spring Camp 2012

Photos courtesy of James Moss.  Again Joe Pielech from the Nagoya Honbu accompanied Sensei.

Sydney 2011

Maruyama Sensei brought Joe Pielech with him on this visit. He is Sensei’s main uke in the Honbu Dojo in Nagoya.

Sydney 2008

This year Maruyama Sensei visited Perth and Sydney. He bought with him one of his principle Uke, Dave Combi and Daves instructor from the NYC Dojo Gary Snyder.

Since 2013 Mike Sinagra has been leading the Northern Regions  Seminar in Queensland and New South Wales
Brisbane 2018
Brisbane 2017
Brisbane - 2016
Brisbane - 2015
Lismore - 2014
Lismore - 2013
Local Events and Memories

20th Year Celebration.

In 2015 Aikido Kokikai of Western Australia celebrated Mike Sinagra establishing Kokikai Aikido in Western Australia

Ozeki Senseis visit 2012

Ozeki Sensei opened the first Kokikai dojo in 1989. This year he visited Perth. Did two evening classes and cooked a number of demonstration meals with local produce. Even some blue swimmer crabs that we caught ourselves

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